KIBLER-UNIVERSAL metal hand shears are available in two models (I & II).
The differences lie in their cutting capacity, size and weight.
The three available blade qualities can be installed in both shears sizes, are easy to replace and can be reground.
You can find the cutting capacities, dimensions and weights of both models in the data sheet under Downloads.

Cutting with Normal blades: untempered ferrous metals, structural steels, leathers, non-ferrous metals, sealing materials, plastics
Cutting with Special blades: materials with high strength, such as composite materials with textile or metal inserts, steel cables, stainless steels.

Cutting with Extra blades: materials with even higher strengths, and for special applications such as the steel-belt service.
Higher operating forces may have to be applied for cutting materials with high strength.
The shears are designed for these higher operating forces.